I hope this article finds you WELL and FULL of work!!!!

Today I’m writing about an important topic, very common, very simple and of general knowledge ….


I think I can say that EVERYONE uses it, but do you use it to it’s full potential? Whether electronic or paper, both are an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G tool!

Personally I prefer the electronic one, I’m a great fan of Google Calendar, and why?

– It is free and does not add printing, therefore ecological
I can correct it without getting scratched (I have a problem with scratches I confess LOL, if I start correcting and scratching I’m ready to throw the paper away and start again, but I can’t tear sheets from the calendar, can I? 😂 and I don’t appreciate writing with a pencil … each crazy with his madness!)
– It is synchronized with my CRM, my phone, my tablet and I always have it open on my computer.
– I can add notes, locations, video call links
– I am able to invite people to certain events (for example suppliers)
– Allows me to share my schedule with another person
– I can have a daily, weekly, monthly view with just one click
– Differentiate the types of events by color (personal appointments, professional appointments, etc.)


So, to better manage my time, and nothing (or almost nothing) fail:

1. I use the same schedule profile for the personal and professional part (yes because we can create several: personal, professional, etc.), this allows me to immediately see how my time is in general

2. So, regarding the professional side I put :

2.1. Scheduled sessions and the time each will last
2.2. Clients’ expected delivery dates
2.3. IPS meetings booked
2.4. Editing time for each session (to ensure that I have the sessions ready in time for the IPS meetings and to avoid late night work)
2.5. Holidays (so I don’t book anything)
2.6. My days off (to really enjoy them)
2.7. Government Taxes Payment
2.8. Invoicing (this is usually weekly)
2.9. Vacation days (defined early in the year)
2.10. Mini Sessions dates (ideally defined in December of the previous year or later in January of the year in question)
2.11. Going to the post office (usually weekly)
2.12. Blog posts
2.13. Time reserved for ordering prints
2.14. Training I give
2.15. Training I do

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything 😅 The result of this is an organized and colorful schedule, in which I immediately realize how my week is going and that I have to keep myself disciplined to avoid nights and Sunday edits!

And youuuuuuu, do you use your schedule for all this?

Do you have any tips that you can add to this topic?

I hope this article has been useful for some of you and if you are going to apply this technique, give me your feedback later!

If you need help to organize your time, see here some modules, for example How to Optimize Your Back Office Time & How to Optimize Photo Shoot Time! Because time IS LIFE!!!

Have a good week!!

Suzy Vieira Academy

Written by : Suzy

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