I’m Suzy, the girl behind the Academy.

I am passionate about families, since I was a girl who dreamed of having mine. I never thought about the ideal characteristics of my future husband, nor the number of children I loved having, but less than two was out of the question.

This [que vêm acima] is my family. Perfect in its imperfections, where I find the love, affection, support and madness that I need in my daily life, this is my addiction!

My other addiction [para além de chocolate] is to meet families and allow them to relive emotions.

I am specialized in family photography, with a great passion for photographing women, pregnant or not.

Since 2010 I have been feeding this my second addiction with lots of happy families and formations with national and international names, in the most diverse areas (Cotton Candy.Photography, Ricardo Teixeira, Pedro SUperti, Kelly Brown, Jade Gao, Emma Jane, Maggie Robinson, Natasha Ince , Paulina Duczman). I love to travel, learn more and more, and meet other people who share this addiction like me.

After years of experience, another “baby” was born, this gym! In order to allow colleagues to go further !!!

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See you soon!